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Ancestor Altar Call Ceremonial Smudge Mist

Ancestor Altar Call Ceremonial Smudge Mist

SKU: ACM-777

Ancestral communication is an ancient tradition used to guide, protect, heal, and keep you in alignment with your purpose. Use this ceremonial anointing spray to cleanse the energy around you as you invite your ancestors into the atmosphere.


Our 100% Organic Ancestor Altar Call Smidge mist is infused with crystals and charged under the moon to cleanse your space prior to ancestral work. This custom blended smudge will also open up the lines of communication between you and your ancestors. As you spray your aura begin meditating to on your ancestors. Shake well before each use.


 Additional usage: 

  • Removing and banishing low-vibrational energy. 
  • Ancestral Communication.


Size: 60 ml / 2 oz

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