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January News

January Monthly News

ReInventing Self

A Glance At January

The focus this month may be on reinventing yourself at your core and exploring your uniqueness as an individual. Your eagerness to master your health and wealth will grow into an insatiable hunger for things that inspire, motivate and refresh your core values, principles, and physical appearance. Have you changed the layout in your home yet? Are you feeling the need to switch it up some? Well, this yearning for a new you, environment, job, or relationship is actually a sign that you are finally emerging from the ashes of the tower you experienced. Last year, highlighted areas in your life where you still needed to heal or where you were vulnerable to toxic patterns, emotional and mental manipulation, or needing to complete some past life karmic debt. The wisdom gained from last year’s lessons came by way of unexpected circumstances that led to some form of devastation or loss of faith in yourself, the system, spirituality, or people in general. However, with the sign of the new year and new beginnings, your motivation to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes shows you are great at overcoming barriers and finding solutions to your problems. Your sense of determination and leadership abilities will first manifest mentally and then physically. Then a sudden boost of energy coupled with your inner strength and spiritual awareness will enable you to set concrete goals and overcome barriers in your relationships, projects, and philosophies. Reinventing yourself will help you to emerge from the ashes of the tower stronger, wiser and more powerful than you or others would have ever imagined. Now is the perfect time to make your wishes come true when it comes to reaching the prestige, money, and fame you have envisioned for your life. This year you will have to be more flexible and diverse with your connections in order to build stronger bonds with family, co-workers, friends, and your community. The best part is, your resilient spirit will help you troubleshoot and problem-­solve any issues you encounter with new relationships, projects, implementing new routines, rituals, or spiritual practices.

Mental Mood

There are always two sides to every coin, thought, and in every situation so be rational and logical in your judgements, goals, new relationships, and business affairs. Beware of your emotional responses when triggered by aggressive and dominating individuals you may feel are stepping on your toes in some way. Instead of allowing others to make you feel vulnerable and unappreciated, surround yourself with individuals who value your time, expertise, and companionship. You cannot control how others operate, but you can control how you let them project their insecurities, fears, and negativity onto you. This will require you to pay attention to how your relationships make you feel, so you don’t feel used and abused in the end.

Career Forecast

"Public Recognition"

This is a time when things will begin to flow more easily into your life and success seems inevitable after healing from a toxic situation that seemed never ending. In spite of what you have experienced in your career, this month you will be seeing the benefits of your fate. For some individuals, you may receive a promotion in public relations or receive recognition for your achievements in front of other co-workers. This will definitely boost your confidence in your decision to take the high road when dealing with past conflicts. Overall, you may notice how popular you have become with others by simply displaying your self­-sufficiency and the power to stand alone in the face of adversity. Whether you are aware of it or not, what you say is valued by the people around you and subconsciously they adhere to your words of wisdom. This is why your reputation is solid and it is hard for you to go unnoticed this month. Lastly, because of your natural leadership abilities, it will make it challenging for you to follow the blueprint or suggestions of other individuals because you have finally found your real potential and purpose. Take the tip or suggestion and check with your spirit team before pondering it for too long.

“Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering. ” — Don Miguel Ruiz

All Things Come To An End
The Obituary:

This month you can anticipate three major endings that will transform your life:

  1. You will be inspired to balance out your bluntness, aggressiveness, and competitive behavior for the greater good of your relationships with others. If you are provoked or tested, try putting your impulsiveness or desire to win to the side to find the answer to your problem.

  2. After doing some introspection and analyzing, you may realize it's time to accept the changes coming to your friendships, peer groups, family dynamic, with a significant other, court case, and/or legal issue. For those of you ending a relationship, you may be frustrated with the lack of closure you have. Especially, if you are a Virgo or Aries in a rocky relationship. For singles, you may be getting ready for a serious relationship heading your way with a Fire Sign or Earth Sign or someone with Venus or Jupiter in Aries or Virgo. While some contractual agreements are ending for some others may be starting a new contract with soulmates, kindred spirits, and true love.

  3. Lastly, this month you will finally put an end to all of the worrying you have been doing for the past few months. This may have caused some type of stress-induced health problems that will clear up soon.

Programs & Classes:

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