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Amethyst Protection Aromatherapy Reiki Crystal Bath Bomb

Amethyst Protection Aromatherapy Reiki Crystal Bath Bomb


A fresh clean blend of lemon, pineapple and sweet orange over French lavender and cotton blossoms. Perfectly blended with luxurious oils of sweet almond, coconut, argan, vitamin E, and sea buckthorn to enrich your bath water with skin-pampering and soothing moisture and vitamins. Amethyst emits a high frequency, creating a protective 'bubble' around you against negative energy. This stone is also powerful for higher consciousness development and aids in meditation and intuition. These have the added bonus of natural gemstone crystals (crystal size varies from 10-20mm each), and aromatherapy essential oils combined with perfumery blends. Our gemstones are reiki charged with the purest intentions and cleansed under the moonlight.

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