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Ancestor Altar Burning Bowl

Ancestor Altar Burning Bowl

SKU: CGF-261
PriceFrom $52.49

The geode Ancestor Altar burning bowl is the perfect way to meditate while  you release your burn letter out into the universe or connect with your ancestors. This hand-cast, concrete vessel is made from natural materials that complement any indoor or outdoor living space. The healing properties associated with this clear white crystal is considered a “master healer" and is said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Included in the package: geode concrete fire bowl, 3 oz fireproof glass marbles, empty can for fuel no fuel included size 5.5 In w / 3 in height.*** You will receive a unique tabletop fireplace and will not be exactly the same as that in the photos.
Made in United States of America

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