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CLARITY- Clear Quartz Crystal Body Scrub

CLARITY- Clear Quartz Crystal Body Scrub

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This Clear Quartz Crystal Body Scrub is designed to stimulate the senses and to focus your clarity. It's a blend of raw sea salt, organic cold-pressed oils, and finely ground clear quartz crystals. The scent is a bright citrus scent with notes of pink grapefruit and bergamot topped off with a clean and refreshing mint. Use this scrub when you need an extra boost to focus, energize, and amplify your intentions.


* SEA SALT - removes dry + dead skin, contains beneficial minerals for skin nourishment, detoxifies skin

* CLEAR QUARTZ - amplifies energy, promotes healing.

* OILS - our blend of all-natural, cold-pressed oils will leave your skin feeling renewed + hydrated. Bright citrus + mint scent helps to boost clarity and focus.


Scrub is safe for use on both body and face


STORAGE - Keep jar in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight. We take pride in using only the best all-natural ingredients without the use of preservatives. For best results, use within six months. ALL-NATURAL // VEGAN // CRUELTY-FREE // SMALL BATCH // ETHICALLY SOURCED


INGREDIENTS - Dead Sea salt, finely ground clear quartz crystal, Prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, Vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, vitamin E oil, special blend of essential oils, love + intention
8oz / 227g reusable glass jar

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