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Smudge Kit Gift Set

Smudge Kit Gift Set

SKU: SGS-3452

Remain calm and remove negativity from your aura and in your area with the Spiritual First Aid Kit. This kit comes complete with one Dragon's Blood Smudge Stick, one 7 Chakra Smudge Stick, one Cedar Smudge Stick, and two Palo Santo sticks.  This kit is excellent for cleansing and is commonly used in rituals of healing, blessings, prosperity, protection or any other spiritual purpose.  



  • Healing
  • Cleansing
  • Purifying
  • Protecting
  • Mood-setting
  • Clearing Negativity



  • Light the Smudge Stick and let the smoke linger into any area or object you want to purify and cleanse.  You can also say a small prayer, mantra or affirmation while smudging.
  • Let burn in a fireproof pot in an area you want to cleanse or purify.

* Measures 3-4 inches

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